This is not a test.

I dig video games, good music, bad movies, bad jokes, and a lot of other crap. I'm kind of a sarcastic asshole. I rarely make sense.




when someone claims to be a fan of a band when they have heard two of their songs


Well, if you hear a song and you like it then you become a fan of that band. Being a fan doesn’t mean overly obsessed with every little detail about that particular band.


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Basic-ally I love fall and pumpkin everything.

Can Judith just get eaten already?!

Motion City Soundtrack

—Attractive Today


Attractive Today || Motion City Soundtrack

I listened to this album this morning on my way to work for the first time since I had blue hair and checkerboard laces in my chuck taylors. Still holds up in my book. 👌

Work is incredibly frustrating and makes me want to rip all of my hair out okay. I’m down to crying only one or twice a day figuring things out.

At least I haven’t picked smoking back up.